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PRADIX launches new advertising network for small and medium-sized businesses and PRADIX digital marketing agency have joined forces to unveil a new solution in Armenia’s online advertising market. A new advertising network is designed to cater to the diverse interests of micro-businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, or simply people who sell a service or product.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective product and service promotion is crucial to secure market positioning. All the popular platforms are full of ads which results in a surge in advertising costs. Considering the mentioned points, PRADIX and proudly present one of the most competitive online advertising solutions tailored for the Armenian market.


What is PRADIX Ad Network?


It is an online banner and video advertising platform boasting 4 different sizes and formats to meet the diverse advertising needs:


  • SuperTop,
  • InRead,
  • Quadratic,
  • Video:


SuperTop Ad


SuperTop is a banner ad displayed at the top of a website visible on both desktop and mobile versions. With expansive dimensions of 1260×250 pixels, it is one of the best options to provide brand presence and captivate the attention of consumers.


InRead Ad


InRead ads that are displayed on the website within editorial content present an exceptional impression rate. Available both on desktop and mobile versions, this format is a great tool for promotion.

Quadratic Ad


Quadratic is an alternative to one of the most popular 300×250 pixel ads on Google, but it has a 300×300 pixel size, which leaves more room for content creation. This option is also the most budget-friendly providing an opportunity to launch a month-long campaign with only 7,500 drams.

Video Ad


Video advertising is a fiercely competitive domain in the Armenian market. With a budget of 30,000 drams, you can launch a month-long campaign and gain recognition in the Armenian market.


All of the mentioned ad types already have non-standard options.

Who benefits from using the PRADIX network?


Low prices of the PRADIX network can attract representatives of any industry. For example, a person selling an apartment has posted an ad, but there are very few callers. With a small budget, it is possible to place an advertisement on this network, and it will be distributed on, the most-visited news website in Armenia. The same applies to car importers, real estate agents, and sellers on Wildberries, Ozon, Amazon, or other platforms. They need promotion of their stores outside of those platforms and the PRADIX network is a powerful tool to amplify their visibility beyond the marketplaces.


Another advantage of PRADIX is that the network sells traffic from abroad, for example, traffic coming from the United States, at affordable “Armenian prices”. It is hardly possible to find an alternative in any other network as it is clear that the American or European traffic is much more expensive than the Armenian one. The same prices in the PRADIX network enable the users to carry out cost-effective advertising campaigns in Armenia but for the U.S. market as the advertisement displayed on will be visible mainly to the American-Armenians.


How to start advertising with PRADIX online network?


Launching an efficient advertising campaign with PRADIX is simpler than ever. Follow the sequence of steps:


  • Contact us by e-mail [email protected] or call +37496303313,
  • Provide a detailed description of the company, its activities, and information about advertised products or services,
  • If you have ready-to-use advertising files, feel free to submit them. Alternatively, the company’s experts will do it for you,
  • Get the ad approval and proceed with the online payment,
  • Once the stages are completed, the ad will be activated.


Why is it important to follow the points above?


Proper organization of work, accountability, and handling of each client’s case requires written communication through one channel. Correspondence, particularly via e-mail, serves as a reliable channel to send and receive all the necessary information and to preserve the history of communication between the agency and the client.


In addition, there are many “fake ads” in the modern online advertising market. At PRADIX, we check the advertiser’s data, the authenticity of the advertisement, alignment with our policies, and ensure the offers are genuine.


The potential for retail and online sales development in Armenia is huge, and the stakeholders seek useful tools to get the most out of their campaigns. and PRADIX are sure that the cutting-edge platform will be a good solution for entrepreneurs and will help them achieve optimal results from their marketing endeavors.