CONTENT Creation

What is content today?

Why is it significant for marketing?

If you want a short answer, content has become one of the guarantees of business development, and if there is no content, then is no development.

Content marketing increases brand awareness. The business attracts new customers, and customers stay loyal to the brand thanks to the high-quality content. Sales volumes are increasing while the effectiveness of content marketing is proved by the annual growth of the content market by around 15-20%. According to Technavio, the content marketing market size is expected to grow by around $420 billion.

Let us now turn to reality. It’s not enough to open a website and an account on social media. It has to be updated regularly by professional content – articles, videos, photos.

It is not enough to post short posts on social networks.

Users are already accustomed to seeing and reading details about a product or a service, they need to learn about the positive and negative experiences of using them.

References about your business also need to be published on media websites. It’s about Google’s algorithm, and so it’s “the law of life”. Once there is a reference on a news website ranked high by Google and a link is placed, the website’s ranking increases.

PRADIX offers professional content writing services in Armenian, English, and Russian, as well as placement on top Armenian and international websites.

Press Release

What is a press release?

The press release is an official statement issued by organizations or businesses and delivered to the media for the purpose of providing information on a particular matter. The press release is provided to the media as a means of informing the general public.

In which cases is the press release distributed?

Press releases usually refer to important events organized by a company or an organization, which may be of public importance and are therefore of interest to citizens or consumers. When it comes to business, the press release may be related to the campaigns, openings of branches, launching new business directions, attracting new employees, etc.

What is the press release’s impact on the activities of an organization or a company?

The positive impact of publishing a press release may result in

  • strengthening of company’s rating/reputation
  • informing of an incomparably large audience
  • increasing organization’s or business’s presence on the web
  • providing backlinks to the company’s website
  • better indexing of the content due to placement on other websites

All of these points are essential for the success of your business and the development of an online business.

Option 1

  • Press release writing in Armenian (500 -700 words)
  • Press release writing in Russian (500 -700 words)
  • Press release writing in English (500 -700 words)

Option 2

  • Writing a press release in Armenian and publishing it on a news website
  • Writing a press release in Russian and publishing it on a news website
  • Writing a press release in English and publishing it on a news website

Possible websites:

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Content writing

Content creation for the web project is one of the crucial steps for your business’s success. You should never give up and try to do your best. If you feel content creation is not your best skill there is a solution – Hire professionals.
Pradix provides professional services in content writing services in 3 languages.
Our team has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

The content categories Pradix team is specialized in

. News and Media
. Traveling and Tourism
. Health and Medicine
. Sport and Gaming
. Lifestyle and Enterteinment
. IT and Technologies
. Cuisine

Available languages are:

. English
. Russian
. Armenian

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